Exquisite children dinnerware that are elegant, eco-friendly and practical, making meal time more delightful and enjoyable for little ones, and complement seamlessly with your beautiful and stylish adult dinnerware.

Made with eco-friendly organic bamboo and biodegradable bioplastic, the dinnerware are light, durable, unbreakable. Free from PVC, BPA and BPS, suitable for -30 to 140°C and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

As the first stockist of Reale in Australia, Reverie Craft is thrilled to share these beautiful eco-friendly dinnerware to stylish children & discerning parents.

Brand Story - Reale

Reale, meaning “Royal” in Italian, is created by a father of two daughters who wish to bring more happiness and enjoyment to family meal time with safe, beautiful, and eco-friendly dinnerware that would make wonderful memories for the whole family. The collection is designed with inspiration from the royally European silverware and made in Japan with excellent quality. Suitable from new born to even adults, it is designed to grow with your babies.

Using eco-friendly material combining Japanese-grown organic bamboo and biodegradable bioplastic, the dinnerware are light, durable, unbreakable, and have adequate temperature resistant. Free from PVC, BPA and BPS, suitable for -30 to 140 degree Celsius and are microwave and dish-washer use. 

About the material - bamboo & bioplastic

Bamboo naturally has antibacterial, anti-fungal, sterilization, freshness-retention and odour-resistant properties, and has excellent strength, durability and heat resistance. Not only could it be consumed as food, but it has also been widely used in products with food contact such as chopping board, chopsticks, and serve-ware.

Bioplastic is made from biomass of natural materials such as bamboo, corn starch, rice, wheat that can be naturally decomposed to carbohydrates and water by microorganisms, and will not release any harmful chlorine like plastics made from petroleum. Even when burnt, the heat temperature released is same as burning paper, and does not release toxins and harmful substances into the atmosphere.