KAPLA wooden planks are truly open-ended construction toys that allow you to create anything you can imagine! Each plank is made with 100% French pinewood sourced from the sustainable Forêt des Landes in the south west of France, their untreated natural wood texture provide adequate grip to optimize building. Designed with a golden ratio of 1:3:5 - meaning 3 planks stacked are equal to the height of 1 plank standing up on its side, and 5 laid across is equal to the longest side of a plank, this ratio and its uniformity allows children 3+ to adults to create the most versatile creations imaginable according to their own skills level, it's possible to build small to really big 2D or 3D structures - castles, animals, towers, towns, ball runs and so much more.

KAPLA stimulates creativity, perseverance, ingenuity, and STEM learning through play, this natural construction game encourages children to develop, practice, and refine their fine motor skills, logical thinking, spatial awareness, and building skills. They have been widely used as an open-ended classroom resource in schools and play centers in Europe.

Brand Story - KAPLA

The story of  KAPLA® begins with a Dutch antique dealer, Tom van der Bruggen, who dreamt of building his own castle.

During a trip to the south of France in the late 1960s, Tom fell in love with a ruined farm and decided to turn it into a castle. To visualize his project, he tried to make a scale model using wooden blocks.  But these blocks did not allow him to build a precise and realistic model, so he created his own. This is how the magic KAPLA plank came to life - the plank with which you can build everything!  Tom called it KAPLA for 'KAbouter PLAnkje' which means ‘gnome plank’ in Dutch.