Let creativity and imagination reign with the quality and non-toxic Kitpas art crayons and dustless chalks! Bright and bold drawings unfold with ease with the buttery soft crayons on almost any smooth and non-porous surface such as window, glass, mirror, whiteboard other than paper, and can be easily wiped clean with water.  The water-soluble crayons also turn into gorgeous water-color with a few strokes of a wet brush. Kitpas dustless art chalks are made with recycled scallop seashell from Hokkaido, making them stronger, smoother, and longer-lasting!

Kitpas Australia Art Window Crayon Reverie Craft

Brand Story - Kitpas

Kitpas has been producing quality art materials since 1937 and supplying many schools in Japan. They also place great focus on environmental and social responsibility. They started as a manufacturer of dustless chalk based in Bibai-shi, Hokkaido (translate to "beautiful shell city"), where massive waste piles of seashell was causing serious environmental issues, so they developed a patented process to recycle them and add to their chalks, the recycled powdered seashell makes their chalks stronger, smoother and longer-lasting! To support and empower workers of different abilities, they have adapted their production method and work environment, currently over 70% of their employees are with disabilities.