Welcome to Reverie Craft! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know us!
I'm Vanessa, mom of 2 precious daughters. Ever since I knew I was expecting, I have been searching everywhere for items that are not only of excellent quality, stylish, safe, and practical for my baby, but also something I'd love to use and see around.
I'd love to share my wonderful finds from around the world with like-minded parents who want to be able to maintain their style while providing for their children's needs, and also gift-seekers who are looking for wonderful quality gifts that would be loved by both children and parents.
Reverie Craft is the home of quality and beautiful artisan products for stylish children and home that are crafted ethically with love and care, we also strive to bring in quality products around the world that are not readily available in Australia. Our quality handmade wooden toys, handmade bedding, organic swaddle and eco-friendly dinnerware are designed to grow with your children and beyond, bringing them wonderful memories that could be shared with their friends and beloved children as well. I believe that products infused with quality craftsmanship have beautiful warm souls in them, and I am an enthusiast of introducing well made products to children, to groom their understanding and appreciation of quality and craftsmanship and to learn to treasure their keepsakes from a young age.
The name "Reverie Craft" was inspired from the idea that beautifully crafted treasures bring one into his/her precious world of pleasant indulgence, may it be snuggle time, play time, or meal time.
I hope you enjoy our curated products and I sure hope to have a chance to get to know you (and your little ones) as one of our happy customers! xx