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Hundred Board with Wool Balls (Maple / Walnut)

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The heirloom quality Hundred Board at Reverie Craft made with solid maple wood is a versatile toy offering multiple playing and learning experiences for children of different age. It ready for your child to fill up while counting, creating patterns, practicing mathematical equations, discovering cardinal directions, and more. 

Some ideas to play and learn with this board :

  • Filling each dimple with the included colored wool balls as you count from 1 to 100 (The engraved line helps children subsidize numbers and perceive the number of items in groups of 5 quickly without counting each item as they become more advanced with counting and getting ready for math.)
  • Practice skip counting by placing balls only in the numbers such as 3, 6, 9, etc. and learn the patterns that emerge Use as a compass and learn about directions by marking the dimple from different degree north / east / south / west from the mid-point
  • Learn positive and negative numbers by designating the middle line as “0” and play with the X and Y axises
  • Play games such as rolling a dice and adding that many balls to the board starting at the top left corner, then keep rolling and adding until the board is full
  • Designate a quadrant of the board for you and one for your child. Place the balls in your quadrant a certain way and ask your child to copy it in their area, either exactly or as a mirror image 

Use with our 1-100 Number Coins, Alphabet Coins, Montessori Alphabet Coins, Sight Word CoinsFraction Coins, and Multiplication Coins to extend the fun with even more creative ways to play and learn! From working with math, to spelling, to playing scrabble, let your children’s creativity flows as they discover different ways to play with this versatile piece.

Includes :

  • Hundred board (L29cm x W29cm) made with maple hardwood
  • 110 colored wool balls (11 each of red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, white)

*The first 3 photos represent this product, the others are for reference only, showing how to use this item with other coins sets available.


About the Craftsmen :

From Jennifer is a family business that creates unique and timeless handmade educational wooden toys of heirloom quality, designed to inspire and help children learn literacy, math and more in fun and creative ways. Inspired by their five children, each original creation is practical, easy to use, and offers multiple ways for children of different age to play and learn, the excellent woodwork quality and design also adds beauty to your home. The collection of wooden treasures are must-haves for every home with little learners. Reverie Craft is thrilled to share the wonderful handmade educational wooden toys of From Jennifer with discerning parents in Australia and worldwide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lauren G
Gorgeous! Can’t wait to use!

Another beautiful piece from ‘from Jennifer’ fantastic quality, countless learning possibilities! Can’t wait for my daughter to get it for Christmas.

Viryan Collins-Rubie

Perfect.. as described and wonderful hands on practical activity.
Fast shipping.

Galvi Grace
Amazing Quality

The 100s board with balls is of amazing quality! Plus amazing service from Reverie Admins. My son loved playing with it and it surely helped with his counting. Will order from Reverie again simply for the wonderful service!

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