Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk (6 Colours)

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Let imagination reigns with the quality and non-toxic Kitpas dustless art chalks! Bright and bold drawings unfold with ease with the smooth and durable chalks. Made from recycled scallop seashells blended with calcium carbonate (common ingredient of toothpaste) for stronger, smoother and longer-lasting chalks. 

Kitpas has been manufacturing quality art chalks since 1937 and are widely used in many schools in Japan. Pair with a selection of quality Kitpas chalkboards  for some fun drawing sessions :

Kitpas Dustless Art Chalk (6 Colours) is available at Reverie Craft in 4 colour options :

    • Vitamin : Green x1 , Yellow x1 , Orange x1 , White x3
    • Cocktail : Pink x 1, Violet x 1, Blue x1, White x3
    • Basic : 
    • Yellow, pink, green, blue, violet, white
    • Neon : 
  • Yellow, pink, orange, blue, violet, white

Includes : 6 dustless art chalks, packaging is made with recycled materials

Size :

Chalk - 1cm diameter x 6.2cm L each

Package : 

6.3 x 1.1cm

Age : Recommended for 3+

Made in Japan. Complies to CE EN71 standard.

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