Kontu Magnetic STEM Blocks - K25 (31 Pieces)

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Kontu STEM Blocks is an amazing versatile set for 1+ year old to learn through play in fun and engaging ways, it is a learning resource, building block set, and more all in one, giving a unique experience for understanding and exploring the magnetism and fundamental concepts of numbers and math. It also promotes self-correction, which is a key Montessori concept for children to learn effectively through own experience. With hands-on discovery, children explore new ideas for themselves.

Kontu STEM Blocks are magnetic wooden blocks and rigid cards designed to encourage STEM thinking (science, technology, engineering, and math) in early childhood. Preschool-aged children have an innate ability and desire to learn math. By cementing positive early math knowledge in their minds by age five, children build a positive disposition towards mathematics that will help them attain their full academic potential later in life. Children learn through play!

Playful STEM Exploration:
Explore magnetism, early mathematics, weight & counterbalance, joints & hinges, construction, and other STEM concepts.

Kontu STEM Blocks grow with your child:
As your child grows, you can introduce new learnings appropriate for their development. And of course, you can always add more blocks!

Constructive Play:
The blocks are great for building simple structures. Kontu STEM Blocks plays well with others including both magnetic and non-magnetic blocks. Your child will also develop spatial reasoning while building both orthogonal and organic structures.

Made from wood - not plastic:
Made in Thailand from sustainably-harvested rubber tree wood and rare earth magnets and is meant to last for generations. 

Sustainably Sourced:
Rubber trees grown on plantations are harvested once they stop producing latex sap and new trees are planted to replace them.

This Kontu STEM Blocks - K15 kit includes : 

  • 1-tray
  • 2-tray
  • 3-tray
  • 4-tray
  • 5-tray
  • 10-tray
  • 25 bits
  • 11 Number cards (0-10)
  • 8 Activity cards
  • 1 wooden card stand

Kontu STEM blocks have been safety tested according to AS/NZS 8124 (AUS/NZ).

Our Kontu STEM Blocks is also available K10 and K15 for extended playing and learning :

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