LYRA Groove Coloured Pencil (10 Colours)

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Hold it right from the start with these LYRA Groove Coloured Pencils - the renowned high quality big coloured pencils with unique ergonomic grip-zone and off set slide guards designed for proper pencil grip, while unleash creativity within children with bright, vibrant, smooth and consistent drawings, well loved and have inspired many children around the world :

  • Thick rounded triangular shaft with 3-sided ergonomic grip-zone and off set slide guards for thumb index and middle fingers to support an optimal grip
  • Break-resistant thick lead of 4.25mm
  • Highly pigmented in smooth texture that are smudge-proof and waterproof
  • Made with natural wood from sustainable forests
  • Non-Toxic, comply to CE EN71 standard

Includes : 10 coloured pencils in a cardboard box

white, yellow, orange, red, flesh pink, light blue, blue, green, brown and black

Size : 1cm Diameter x 17.5cm long

Age : 3+

In Steiner education, the exploration and introduction of writing and drawing to the child follows the developmental readiness of the child:

  • First, Block Crayons are used to explore colour and forms
    • Kitpas Art & Window Block Crayon (8 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Block Crayon in Tin with Black (8 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Block Crayon in Cardboard Box (12 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Block Crayon in Tin (16 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Block and Stick Crayon (8 Colours) 
  • Then, introduce Stick Crayons to add more direction to the form
    • Kitpas Art & Window Large Stick Crayon (12 Colours)
    • Kitpas Art & Window Medium Stick Crayon (6 / 12 / 16 Colours)
    • LYRA Groove Triple One 3-in-1 Colour Pencil / Watercolour / Wax Crayon (6 / 12 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Block and Stick Crayon (8 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Stick Crayon in Cardboard Box (12 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Stick Crayon in Tin (16 Colours)
    • Stockmar Wax Block and Stick Crayon (8 Colours)
  • Triangular pencils are then used when children begin to learn to write with its thick rounded triangular shaft designed to develop the perfect pencil grip
    • LYRA Ferby (Short) Coloured Pencil (6 / 12 Colours)
    • LYRA Groove Coloured Pencil (10 Colours)
    • LYRA Super Ferby Coloured Pencil (12 Colours)
  • Hexagonal pencils in artist quality are used for older children to adults
    • LYRA Color Giant Coloured Pencils (6 / 12 Colours)
    • LYRA Color Giant Skin Tone Coloured Pencils (12 Colours)
  • Fountain pens are used for the speed and pure flow of clear precise writing skills

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