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Mori "Buoyancy 34" Block Set

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| Buoyancy |

: the tendency of a body to float or to rise when submerged in a fluid

: the ability to recover quickly from depression or discouragement

: cheering, invigorating

Year 2020 has been a difficult year where lives have been impacted one way or another in scales that might test some of our very resilience and patience.

This emotion of unease fits the illustration where one gazes outside a window in a moody rainy day and long for the warmth that brings upon its cheek from the glittering sun that we once enjoyed, our hope for feeling security and joy.

This creation is inspired by this emotion and to inspire that we can find peace and happiness when we open ourselves and let those emotions flow out, just like when you slide open the lid with the two dull colourless raindrops, you will find raindrops arranged in the shape of hearts placing together in vibrant primary colours “Buoyancy” in the middle, and connect with people.

With love
- Mori Design


Mori's "Buoyancy" Block Set is a unique and original design combining heirloom quality toys with timeless home decor. A variety of versatile shapes housed in a wooden tray that fits beautifully in your playroom or anywhere in your home, to be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Set Includes : 34 wooden blocks in a wooden tray with sliding lid

Materials : Solid beech and maple wood, with non-toxic stain

    This block set is also a balancing game of stackable artwork. Set the tray upwards and balance the blocks in varies ways within. This special tray features a removable base plate that can be used as an extended platform for building as well, great to be used as small world, seasonal scene and table set up.

    100% handmade in Australia with untreated sustainably sourced solid beech and maple wood - some of the best hardwood that are safe for children to play with, tactile to touch, and with adequate weight for building stability. The gorgeous natural wood colour and vivid primary colour combo brings a sophisticated touch to your creations. Each block is tapered on all sides for enhanced sophistication and build-ability.

    Building blocks are universal unisex toys that are great as first toys and to grow with children as they develop spatial, figurative, and creative thinking. A set of blocks can do a lot more than it looks, from stacking for fine motor skills training, to creating all sorts of towers and buildings, to counting and pairing up colors, to using them for any imaginative play, the fun and learning opportunities are endless.

      Size : 44L x 34W x 9H cm

      Age : 3+

      About the Craftsmen

      Mori Design creates heirloom quality wooden toys with style and sustainability in mind, adding a sophisticated touch to any play space. Mori, means "Forest" in Japanese, pays tribute to the nature through their fine craftsmanship with timeless designs, Mori's creations are to be enjoyed by the whole family as they build warm and precious memories together through play, and to grow with children and can possibly be pass on to future generations.

      All products are 100% handmade in Australia using sustainably sourced premium solid hardwood such as maple and beech wood, all blocks are made according to the CE standard and go through a meticulous process to ensure quality meet their high standards.

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