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Mori "Tray Collection" (Large) - Frobel Block Set

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Mori's heirloom quality Frobel Block Set is a basic building set inspired by the play gifts developed by the inventor of Kindergarten - Friedrich Fröbel, these "gifts" are educational materials specifically designed for young children to learn through play and activities that nurture their creativity.

A majority of the Fröbel play gifts were wooden blocks of varies simple shapes that represent a sophisticated approach to child development. These blocks with symmetrical designs teach children how to learn, observe, reason, express and create through play, employing philosophies of unity and interconnectedness for lots of fundamental learning - counting, sorting, differentiation, proportion, 3D association, arithmetic (+,-,x,÷), fractions, and concepts/vocabulary (line, cube, square, plus, equal, half, etc.). Children's sense of beauty is also awaken by forming symmetrical designs that embody the principles of proportion, balance, strength of center and rhythm.

  • 100% handmade in Australia. All blocks are made with sustainably sourced solid maple and beech wood - the best hardwoods that are safe for children to play with, tactile to touch, and with adequate weight for building stability. They are of high density & hardness for durability, with beautiful tight grains (thus minimal splinters).
  • Untreated and unfinished to retain wood's natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and the natural wood texture, while being smooth to touch.
  • Analogical design All blocks are 4cm base, the different sizes and shapes are proportionate and work well with each other to build symmetrical creations.
  • Heirloom quality with great attention-to-detail. Each block is tapered on all sides for enhanced sophistication and build-ability. The included wooden tray is not only great for storage and an inviting display on the shelf, it can also be incorporated in building creations or used alone as play tray, it's simply stunning to adorn any walls as well.
  • A sophisticated exquisite touch to any play space is added with these gorgeous blocks. The combination of the maple and beech wood is not only aesthetic, but also allows children to discover their natural beauties, and facilitates exploration of sizes, proportion, fractions, etc.
  • A delightful gift to be enjoyed by the whole family. Packaged in a quality cloth in a color of your choice, that is great as a mat to build on, a reusable gift wrap, or in many other ways around your home.

Building blocks are universal unisex toys that are great as first toys and to grow with children as they develop spatial, figurative, and creative thinking. A set of blocks can do a lot more than it looks, from stacking for fine motor skills training, to creating all sorts of towers and buildings, to counting and pairing up colors, to using them for any imaginative play, the fun and learning opportunities are endless. 

Set Includes : 46 wooden blocks in a wooden tray

Tray Options : Choose between plain baseboard or patterned baseboard

Colour Options : Each set is packaged in a gift-ready quality cloth, choose from natural calico, dusty pink, navy, forest green, royal purple

Size :
Blocks : smallest block is 4L x 2W x 2D cm ; largest block is 16L x 4W x 2D cm
Tray - 34L x 22W x 3Dcm

Age : 3+

About Fröbel play gifts

The inventor of kindergarten, German pedagogues Friedrich Fröbel, developed a set of gifts to foster early childhood education through child-centered and play-based activities that are purposeful yet pleasurable. These educational resources were name "gifts" because they were both given the the child (to be properly respected as gifts) and also function as tools for adults to observe the innate human "gifts" each child possesses from birth. Designed to teach children how to learn, observe, reason, express and create through play, employing philosophies of unity and interconnectedness, children discover various important fundamental aspects such as spatial awareness, imagination, numbers, proportions, equivalence and orders.

Fröbel's methods of early childhood education later inspired and informed the work of other pedagogues such as Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner and Reggio Emilia, who adopted his ideas and adapted his materials according to their own work.

About the Craftsmen

Mori Design creates heirloom quality wooden toys with style and sustainability in mind, adding a sophisticated touch to any play space. Mori, means "Forest" in Japanese, pays tribute to the nature through their fine craftsmanship with timeless designs, Mori's creations are to be enjoyed by the whole family as they build warm and precious memories together through play, and to grow with children and can possibly be pass on to future generations.

All products are 100% handmade in Australia using sustainably sourced premium solid hardwood such as maple and beech wood, all blocks are made according to the CE standard and go through a meticulous process to ensure quality meet their high standards.


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