Stockmar Watercolour Paint Set in Tin (12 Opaque Colors)

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Stockmar's artist quality Opaque Watercolour Paint Set offers vibrant colours with a unique luminosity. Like all Stockmar paints and colours, their colours are based on an extended version of Goethes colour circle.

STOCKMAR opaque colors are characterized by their high proportion of pigments. This formula ensures intense colors that look bright even when dry. The variations of primary and mixed colors enable nearly unlimited blends of individual colors.

STOCKMAR opaque colors are highly versatile and suitable for various painting techniques : classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolour painting, lazure painting, or techniques based on a mixture of approaches - you can create interesting accents by combining these opaque colors with water-repellent STOCKMAR wax crayons.

This tin set is compact with few essentials, making it great to accompany you to whenever you are inspired, includes :
  • 12 Opaque Colours in individual removable palettes, each palette can easily be taken out if needed :
01 Carmine Red
02 Vermillon
04 Gold Yellow
05 Lemon Yellow
08 Aquamarine Blue
10 Ultramarine Blue
12 Red Violet
13 Rust
15 Black
18 Prussian Blue
33 Orange
36 Sap Green
  • A tube of opaque white
  • A high quality vegan-friendly Cats Tongue Brush made of Ponex synthetic hair
  • A mixing palette

The colors of STOCKMAR watercolor paints can range from delicate to powerful and bright, depending on the dilution and number of transparent layers applied. For an intense color experience, apply the colors to wet paper, and discover the mysterious and lively world of colors by mixing different tones.

Made In Italy

Age : 3+


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