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From Jennifer

Weather Chart

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The Weather Chart at Reverie Craft is a unique original design for your children to learn about weather and our environment in a simple, beautiful, inviting, practical, and interactive way. 

Handcrafted in durable solid maple hardwood with excellent quality, the wonderful weather watercolor paintings spin on the wheel and a dial rotates to set the temperature. Your children will find themselves drawn to nature more often and be more aware of the environment: reaching out the door to feel if it's cold, warm, or hot, looking to the sky for clouds, sun, wind, or rain. 

Both words and numbers are used on the temperature chart, especially to cater for younger children as they may first experience weather through description before developing more of an understanding of degrees on the thermometer. It will also help them understand the relationship between degree and how it feels as they start learning about the numeric representation.

It fits over a screw on the wall for hanging or can be used with our Tabletop Stand to prop up on a shelf, which you can choose to include with this item.

Includes :

  • A wooden weather chart (L15.3cm x W33cm) made with maple hardwood 

*The last picture shows how the table top stand attaches to the weather chart, which you can choose to add with your item.

About the Craftsmen :

From Jennifer is a family business that creates unique and timeless handmade educational wooden toys of heirloom quality, designed to inspire and help children learn literacy, math and more in fun and creative ways.

Inspired by their five children, each original creation is practical, easy to use, and offers multiple ways for children of different age to play and learn, the excellent woodwork quality and design also adds beauty to your home. The collection of wooden treasures are must-haves for every home with little learners. Reverie Craft is thrilled to share the wonderful handmade educational wooden toys of From Jennifer with discerning parents in Australia and worldwide.

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