Creating the Most Incredible Giant Bubbles!

The biodegradable Dr. Zigs Bubbles and wooden Giant Bubble Wands are designed to create the most incredible giant bubbles that excel in size, longevity and color, sure to delight and bring lots of therapeutic fun time! To help you create impressive enormous bubbles every single time, we've put together some tips below!

Simply mix 9 parts of water and 1 part of bubble mix together, and you are ready to create some magical bubbles!

The small carry-on approved 100ml bottle that fits in your palm can make 1L of bubble solution to enjoy.The Concentrated 10X Bubble Mix that comes with the giant bubble kits is designed to be easily portable and allows you to mix what you need each time. 

1 - Warm Water Helps

The concentrated bubble mix is very viscous, warm water would help creating nice bubble solution without stirring as much (see #3 about stirring).

2- Do Not Over-dilute

The bubble mix is highly engineered with over 8 years of research and testing to perfect, it’s important to follow the suggested water : bubble mix ratio for the best bubbles. You may add a little less water to thicken the solution just a bit for even better result, but definitely not adding more water than instructed.

3- Mix Gently

Mix the solution with a gentle but thorough stir. Too much agitation adds air into the mix, the frothier the mix, the less well the bubbles will work. If too much froth developed, scoop them away before use.

4- Dip It Well

Make sure the whole rope is fully immersed in the solution, as with all other bubble makers, you can’t make the bubbles without having the entire loop fully covered in bubble mix. From our experience, a narrower container might be easier especially if you are not using the whole bottle at a time.

5- Take It Slow

Bubbles burst more easily with vigorous movements. Avoid pulling up the rope from the bubble mix too quickly. Try to take it slow and steady when opening up the loop of the rope, and when moving your body (side to side / backwards) to create the giant bubbles.

6- Have Enough Space

Choose a location that has enough space that allows the biggest bubbles to form and flow. The more space around you, the better. Try a field, a beach, a park, or simply your yard. Avoid places that are too windy. Higher humidity also helps make stronger and bigger bubbles, so it's a bonus if there's water near you..

7- Best Times to Play

Again, higher humidity helps make stronger and bigger bubbles, as bubbles evaporates faster when it's hotter and dryer, earlier in the day or later as the sun is setting might be better times for a play! Just after a rain is great time too. Also, sunrise and sunset light conditions brings out amazing colors in the bubbles, if you are keen on capturing your amazing giant bubbles.

Follow these simple tips and you can easily create the best impressive giant bubbles!

Different Ways to Create Giant Bubbles

There are many ways to create giant bubbles with the Giant Bubble Wands, have fun trying them out!


Let the breeze blow it

Simply hold the wands high up and let the breeze do the work! A calmer day with light breeze would work well, but if it is too windy, it's best to wait for another day.





Blow through the loop

Open up the wands and blow steadily and continuously through the loop, the bubble will keep getting bigger and bigger as you blow, close the loop (bring the wands together) anytime and let the bubble flow.



Move Backwards

Hold the wands in front of you, steadily move your arms and/or walk backwards to make the bubble. Close the loop (bring the wands together) anytime and let it bubble flow.



Move Side to Side

Move the wands from one wide of your body to the other side to create a loop of bubble to wrap around you! Close the loop (bring the wands together) when you've reached the other side and let it bubble flow.

Below are some FAQs that might interest you too, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us about it and we will try out best to assist as always!


Can I mix ahead and use them later?

It’s advised to mix up only as much as you need at a time, as pre-diluted mix risks having a much shorter shelf life with higher risk of contamination — bubbles and dirt don’t work well together! The Ready To Go Giant Bubble Mix is available for handy use.

Can I pour back excess mix back to the bottle?

Do not pour any excess back. Also, always make sure your bottle of unused mix is sealed well to avoid any evaporation or loss of the best bubbling quality.

What do I do with the wands after play?

Make sure the Bubble Wands are dried before storing it up to avoid developing mold. You can rinse them with water (it's okay if you prefer not to too) and hang dry.

What if I got dirt in my bubble solution ?

Bubbles don't like dirt! Pour the solution through a sieve to get rid of any dirts or grass.

What makes Dr. Zigs bubbles so extraordinary?

Dr. Zigs Bubble Mix is the work of over 8 years of research and testing by marine conservationist to perfect, not only does it create the best bubbles that are strong, long-lasting and enormous, it is safe for children and our environment biodegradable and free from phosphate and palm-oil or other nasties.

With the aim to bring smiles without costing the Earth, Dr. Zigs is committed to practice sustainability, social and environment responsibility whenever possible, from the source of their materials & office supplies, to fair pay, to lift-sharing, to bringing smiles to the less fortunate children around the world. They are dedicated to "change the world one bubble at a time".

Discover the Dr. Zig Giant Bubbles collection here!









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