The Art of Our Quality Handmade Cotton Bedding

Did it cross your mind that babies are inseparable from fabric since the moment they were born, except for bath time? Like other discerning parents, we look for artisan quality products made with natural materials that are gentle for sensitive skin, practical, stylish, produced ethically, and made to last and grow with children. We have searched around the globe and are delighted to introduce Malabar Baby to like-minded parents in Australia at Reverie Craft.

Read on to see they are loved by us as well as parents and children around the world! We are going to show you all the behind-the-scene details that go into creating our handmade bedding collection, and what make them the best beautiful natural snuggles for any little ones!

Malabar baby Australia Reverie Craft Handmade Bedding Pink City Quilt Blanket Pillow

Using Only the Best Natural Materials

Our handmade bedding collection is entirely handcrafted in India using hypoallergenic and breathable home-grown Indian natural cotton. Each handmade quilt is filled with 100% natural cotton batting, which keeps your little ones warm in the winter and cool in the summer, unlike the heaty polyester.

 Malabar Baby Australia Reverie Craft Handmade Bedding Natural Cotton

The azo-free dyes used in printing the gorgeous patterns do not contain any harmful pigments, so you are assured that your little ones are not breathing in or coming into contact with any harmful chemicals.

Malabar Baby Australia Reverie Craft Handmade Bedding Non Toxic Azo Free Dye

100% Handmade from the Very Beginning

Our artisan handmade beddings are truly a work of art! Created using the hand block-printing technique, each quilt takes 7 days of dedicated craftsmanship to complete! Each design is inspired by a mesmerizing city around the world, consists of multiple unique intricate patterns that capture the nuances and vibrant energy of the city, with cues from the nature, traditional ethnic patterns, gorgeous locales, and iconic architectures.

What is Block-printing?

Block-printing is an ancient artistic technique that dates back to early 220 A.D.! The art began in China where monks share the personal stories of their lives and culture via hand-printing on clothes. Over time the technique travelled to India, where it became an intricate medium for storytelling and preserving cultural beliefs, and a way for families to pass on their “story” to the next generation.

The art of block-printing goes through many skilled artisan hands. A hand-drawn sketch of the meticulously designed pattern is traced onto wood and hand-carved to create the perfect block, which takes around 5-7 days of detailed craftsmanship. Many individual blocks are used to create one design.


Ethical Artisan Craftsmanship

Each item is block-printed by the hands of the talented and dedicated craftsmen. It takes great skills and precision to create these gorgeous prints - making a perfect print each time with steady nimble hands, printing onto the right spot to create continuous patterns, carefully layering the colors to create a stereoscopic design. The element of human touch means each piece is always unique. After the block-printing is done, they are finished with careful hand-stitching.

The factory where our beddings are created had been carefully chosen. It is owned by women and the finest craftsmen preserving the art of block-printing have been employed for many many years, they are being paid fairly and working in good conditions.

Gift-Ready Packaging

Each item comes in its own handmade cotton pouch with a matching drawstring for each design, making it gift-ready for any occasions, it also comes in handy for on-the-go or storage when they are on rotation.


Designed to Grow with Little Ones

We treasure quality over quantity and love to enjoy our wonderful treasures for as long as we can, timeless quality products that are designed to last through years of use is always a win. Our generously sized handmade bedding definitely excel at this, the blankets and quilts can generally be used for 5-year-olds+, and also great as throw later on.


Hope you enjoy all these thoughtful and meticulous details that goes into these gorgeous and one of a kind softest natural snuggles for your little ones to treasure through years. XX

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